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Instant Loan for Government workers Just call 054 773 2424

Instant Loan for Government workers Just call 054 773 2424
Instant Loan for Government workers


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Adepa Family Plan-Holland Insurance

 Family plan that you can afford. No medical tests, no fuss. Just simple, hassle-free!

Benefits of a Adepa Funeral Plan Include.

  • Funeral insurance quote drawn up especially for you and your needs
  • No underwriting necessary.
  • Covers starts immediately for accidental death.
  • 20% guaranteed premium return for every 60 months.
  • No premium payment upon retirement and also upon death of the policyholder
  • Free insurance cover up to five children of the policyholder 
  • Optional Extra Benefits.

    • Funeral Cover for partner, additional children, parents and parents-in-law, siblings, nieces, nephews and even an additional spouse.
    • Tombstone Cover that’s caters for the 1 year anniversary of the death of the policyholder and if applicable, the partner.
    • Life Cover that pays a lump sum upon the death of the policyholder and if applicable partner.
    • Family Income Benefit that pays a fixed monthly amount upon the death of the policyholder and if applicable, the partner
    • A steady fixed income that is that payable through the Monthly Provider Benefit to your loved ones for a maximum of 24 months.
    • What you need to know.

      • You must be Ghanaian citizen or a permanent resident
      • You must be 18 to 75 years old
                     ;MiLEGACY (MILIFE)
                     ;WEALTH MASTER PLUS-STAR
                     ;Education Plan-SIC

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Factores to consider when buying an insurance.

1. The Company’s Image

You should surf the internet for reviews and top news about the brand. This is because the company’s track record should give you an idea about their strengths and capabilities.

2. Legal Accreditation

The insurance company you decided to go with must be legally accredited and certified by the Nigerian government.

3. The Coverage

This is a vital and necessary factor in selecting an insurance company. Select the coverage that best suits your needs. For instance, if the insurance company does not cover certain circumstances like business idea you’d require, that’s a sign to take your business elsewhere.

4. Financial Strength and Price Factor

It’s important to find out how the insurance company fares during a bad economy and how that can affect you. Go through stock ratings and business resources to get the information you are searching for.
You may also want to consider the price factor when searching and eventually choosing your insurance company. In other words, if the price is affordable, go for it. If it’s not, go elsewhere.



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-Encouraging fair and ethical treatment of consumers of all insurance products;
-Creating an environment in which the members of our portal can share information, debate important and relevant issues, and create a common vision for the non-life insurance industry;
-Creating opportunities for the industry to continue with, and embark on, initiatives that will enhance its image and reputation among all stakeholders;
-Promoting awareness of the industry and its contributions to society and the African economy.


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MetLife Insurance (NYC)
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Best of all - you get to speak directly to one of our passionate and dedicated insurance advisors. As is the case with all insurance companies, all of our advisors are very intelligent. This means that when you get to discuss your insurance needs with one of our advisors, you get your information 'straight from the horse's mouth', so to speak.
And - on top of this - you'll get the best product combination for your specific needs!


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Gerber Life Insurance(NYC)
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