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Instant Loan for Government workers Just call 054 773 2424
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Affordable Smart Target Insurance Cover

What do you hope for in life? A beautifully decorated bedroom? A new kitchen with a modern look and appliances? A better life for your kids? Will you want to invest in your retirement every month in order to have enough left over to make your house beautiful?

You've worked hard for the home you want but will your family be able to keep it after you die? Will you have to give up on the small luxuries so that your kids can go to university or technikon? And if you don't make a plan now, will you end up depending on your kids?

You would like to invest offshore, but will you still be able to go on your annual camping trips? And if you save for that promised family holiday overseas, does that mean you can't diversify your investments? Will a new car be replaced by a capital retention plan?

Is the size of your daughter's wedding going to be decided by the size of your collective investments? Can you still invest in your son-in-law's company? And would an endowment policy mean bye bye to a new bathroom? Is there a better way to preserve wealth for tomorrow? We're thinking ahead. Are you? The truth is, whatever you dream of, you have the power to make it come true. All it takes is a little willpower and commitment. There is an old saying, “All good things come to those who wait.” In the world of investments, this is very true. If you have a dream to own a bigger house, a modern kitchen or anything else that makes your life more comfortable, it's never out of reach if you are willing to lay the foundation month by month. With Vanguard Life's Smart Target Plan, you can start with what you hope for and plan ahead today.

Vanguard Life Smart Target Plan provides financial support at each stage of your life. The policy is an investment-linked life assurance plan providing both life cover and savings benefits. The Smart Target Plan assures you that your investment premium is secured and shall earn a guaranteed interest. The policy pays lump sum at maturity. However, you have the option to purchase annuity (monthly payments) for a defined period or for life.

With this plan, you’ll be paid out in a lump sum within 72 hours for valid claims on receipt of all required claims documents. Most importantly, it’s affordable investment-linked life insurance policy.

The Smart Target Plan is an insurance policy which provides you with a financial support at each stage of your life. The policy is an investment linked life assurance. The Smart Target Plan assures you that your investment premium shall earn a guaranteed interest. The policy pays a lump sum at maturity. However you have the option to purchase annuity (monthly premium) for a defined period or for life.

The policy provides you the following as the main benefits as long as the policy is active.

Maturity Benefit

The policy matures at the maturity date on the policy schedule. The maturity benefit payable shall be the net cash value of the policy investment account paid as lump sum. The policyholder however has the option to use the maturity benefit to purchase annuity for life or for a guaranteed period

Partial Withdrawal Benefit

The policy allows partial withdrawal. The policyholder has the option to make partial withdrawal after the policy has been in force for thirty six (36) months from the cash value of the investment account of the policy. The policy allows up to 60% of the cash value as partial withdrawal each year. Each partial withdrawal claim shall attract an administrative fee of 1% as partial withdrawal fee.

When you make a partial withdrawal, the amount of (partial withdrawal) granted and the partial withdrawal fee shall be debited to your policy to reduce your cash value. The policyholder shall not be allowed partial withdrawal and policy loan in any period of twelve (12) months unless any outstanding policy loan is fully repaid.

Death Benefit

The death benefit of the policy shall be made up of the sum assured plus the net cash value of the policy at any point in time.

Guaranteed Interest Benefit

The investment premium credited to your investment account will be prudently invested in safe and secure investment instrument account by Vanguard Life to yield competitive returns. We guarantee 5% interest per annum as returns on your investment account. As a result, Vanguard Life bars the investment risk up the guaranteed interest.

The investment account balance at any time shall be the sum of investment premiums credited to the investment account, less (the policy fees, management fees, insurance premium and other expenses) plus interest on the invested account.

Your investment account shall earn additional variable interest based on the performance of the investments in the investments portfolio of Vanguard Life.

Interest shall be computed and credited to the investment account monthly. The computation of compound interest shall be done annually.

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Factores to consider when buying an insurance.

1. The Company’s Image

You should surf the internet for reviews and top news about the brand. This is because the company’s track record should give you an idea about their strengths and capabilities.

2. Legal Accreditation

The insurance company you decided to go with must be legally accredited and certified by the Nigerian government.

3. The Coverage

This is a vital and necessary factor in selecting an insurance company. Select the coverage that best suits your needs. For instance, if the insurance company does not cover certain circumstances like business idea you’d require, that’s a sign to take your business elsewhere.

4. Financial Strength and Price Factor

It’s important to find out how the insurance company fares during a bad economy and how that can affect you. Go through stock ratings and business resources to get the information you are searching for.
You may also want to consider the price factor when searching and eventually choosing your insurance company. In other words, if the price is affordable, go for it. If it’s not, go elsewhere.



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