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Instant Loan for Government workers Just call 054 773 2424

Instant Loan for Government workers Just call 054 773 2424
Instant Loan for Government workers


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What is the GES Group Life Policy?

This is a comprehensive Group Life Insurance package for all staff of GES nationwide. This Plan takes care of the future. Your dream and that of your dependants will not be cut short by death, illness or accident.

This Plan also provides benefits that give your dependants a sense of stability as they may face a future without you.

i. Death Benefit (Natural or Accidental)
The cover offers a death benefit payable to named beneficiaries of any staff of GES who passes on. The policy will pay out the benefit in the event of death as a result of natural or accidental means within the policy period.

ii. Permanent Disability
This provides a 24-hour protection cover which will pay a determined amount to any staff of GES who suffers bodily injury through an accident. Accident or injury is not limited to periods during which the employee is at work. Neither does it have any geographical limitations. Payment of actual compensation is based on degree of incapacitation.

iii. Critical Illness
This provides benefit for any staff of GES who is diagnosed with the following list of critical illnesses:
• heart attack
• stroke
• deafness
• cancer
• kidney/renal failure
• loss of sight
• loss of speech
• paralysis

The diagnosis must be certified by a qualified Medical Doctor of a Ministry of Health approved hospital within Ghana.

Who is Eligible for cover?
• All staff of GES who are in active service and must not have attained the age of 60 years.

How much Premium will I pay?
• A minimum monthly premium of GH¢10.00

How are Premiums Paid?
• Deductions will be done at source


The following benefits are available under the policy;
Death - 18,000.00
Permanent disability - Up to 18,000.00
Critical illness - Up to 9,000.00

Claim will not be paid for death, permanent disability and critical illness for events resulting from;
• Suicide or self-inflicted injury.
• War insurrection or civil commotion
• Criminal action or intake of narcotic drugs.
• Aviation other than as a passenger recognized airline.

 Claim Documentation Requirements
• Written letter of notification from GES /Unions.
• Completion of death or injury form

In addition to the above, any of the following proof of death will be required;
• Medical certificate
• Death certificate
• Mortuary and burial documentations
• Coroner’s report
• Police report in case of accident.

In cases of permanent disability and critical illness
• Comprehensive medical report stating the cause and severity of injury or illness will be required.

✓ You’re the primary bread winner in your family
✓ Your family would have trouble living comfortably without your income
✓ You want to provide your family with that extra financial security in the event of death, disease or disability.
✓ You have dependants

For further details, please call our customer service number or contact any of our branch office near you


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1. The Company’s Image

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2. Legal Accreditation

The insurance company you decided to go with must be legally accredited and certified by the Nigerian government.

3. The Coverage

This is a vital and necessary factor in selecting an insurance company. Select the coverage that best suits your needs. For instance, if the insurance company does not cover certain circumstances like business idea you’d require, that’s a sign to take your business elsewhere.

4. Financial Strength and Price Factor

It’s important to find out how the insurance company fares during a bad economy and how that can affect you. Go through stock ratings and business resources to get the information you are searching for.
You may also want to consider the price factor when searching and eventually choosing your insurance company. In other words, if the price is affordable, go for it. If it’s not, go elsewhere.



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