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Instant Loan for Government workers Just call 054 773 2424

Instant Loan for Government workers Just call 054 773 2424
Instant Loan for Government workers


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Fire Insurance-Vanguard Life


Our Fire and Allied Perils policy is one of the most popular fire insurance policies in the country and provides a range of standardised products from which to choose from.

Assets All Risk Policy
The Assets All Risk provides cover for the insured against loss, damage or destruction of insured's property resulting from any accidental cause unless specifically excluded from the policy.
Combined Fire & Theft
This policy provides your business premises with cover against fire and allied perils including theft for specified goods and office fixtures and fittings .

Industrial Fire
Vanguard's Fire Policy is so flexible that whatever your needs, it can be tailored to suit them.
This policy covers Business Premises (e.g. Factories, Shops, and Warehouses) and their contents against loss or damage by fire, lightning and explosion.
The fire policy can be extended to cover special perils like earthquake, storm, flood, impact, overflowing of water tanks etc.
Talk to us today for the appropriate product that with suite your company.

Commercial Fire
This is a repackaged version of the Industrial fire policy with a few add-ons that enable the owners of commercial properties comply full with the new Insurance regulation on the operation of commercial properties.

This policy covers Business Premises (e.g. Factories, Shops, offices and Warehouses) and their contents against loss or damage by fire, lightning and explosion.

The fire policy may be extended to cover special perils like earthquake, storm, flood, impact, overflowing of water tanks etc.
It contains a component for Fire Levy and a Fire certificate issue.
A Public Liability cover with a limit of GHc 20,000 is extended automatically where commercial operator does not have a Public Liability insurance cover in place.
For Buildings under Construction, another extension is made for collapse.

All owners of properties being used for commercial purposes should kindly get intouch urgently on 0244 334407 for instant coverage.
Fire Loss of Profit and Consequential Loss
This insurance is popularly known as "Loss of Profits" or "Business Interruption" Insurance.

Where business premises is destroyed or damaged by fire, the resultant interruption to business may cause a disastrous trading loss, which an ordinary fire policy does not cover.
The Consequential Loss Policy is designed to provide indemnity against trading losses as follows:
Continuing overhead expenses which have to be met out of reduced earnings.

Net profit loss due to a reduction in the volume of trading, wages of key employees although not gainfully employed during the interruption period, but whose services have to be retained until business returns to normal;

Also wages in lieu of notice or redundancy payment to employees whose services are no longer required;
Additional working cost reasonably incurred in order to overcome or minimize the effect of the damage upon the premises.

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Factores to consider when buying an insurance.

1. The Company’s Image

You should surf the internet for reviews and top news about the brand. This is because the company’s track record should give you an idea about their strengths and capabilities.

2. Legal Accreditation

The insurance company you decided to go with must be legally accredited and certified by the Nigerian government.

3. The Coverage

This is a vital and necessary factor in selecting an insurance company. Select the coverage that best suits your needs. For instance, if the insurance company does not cover certain circumstances like business idea you’d require, that’s a sign to take your business elsewhere.

4. Financial Strength and Price Factor

It’s important to find out how the insurance company fares during a bad economy and how that can affect you. Go through stock ratings and business resources to get the information you are searching for.
You may also want to consider the price factor when searching and eventually choosing your insurance company. In other words, if the price is affordable, go for it. If it’s not, go elsewhere.



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